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Thank You, Jonathan Adler!

It took exactly 3 months because I’m fun and change my mind a lot, but Jonathan Adler installed the final pieces of my new home today and each room feels like happy drugs.

I am in love with this place. Thanks, JA! 💙

Super Happy Hallway Vibes Up In Here…

…courtesy of Jonathan Adler. 💋

Getting Settled Up On The Hill…

My bedroom is finally starting to come together at the new place. Clearly still afraid of prints, patterns, and color…but working through it. 💀

Just Finished Putting my Office Together at the New Place.

It’s real shiny up in here. 💋

I Moved into a New Live/Work Space this Week…

‪I moved into a new live/work spot on Monday and it’s already starting to feel like home (and office) in here. ‬

‪Big love to Jonathan Adler and team for always coming through. 💙‬

Started Packing For The Big Move This Week!

Working with Jonathan Adler to design my new spot and am feeling really grateful to be focused on beauty and have something light and fun to look forward to.

Here I am thinking about dining room furniture. 🤘