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Logan Lynn Wins “Best Music Video” and “Best Music Video Nudity” at Manatomy Awards for Directorial Debut Starring Jay Mohr

The Academy Awards are this weekend, but the only show I care about is the 5th Annual Manatomy Awards, presented by Mr. Man and Flirt4Free, where I just picked up 2019’s Best Music Video Award as well as the Award for Best Music Video Nudity, both for Jay Mohr’s performance in my directorial debut!

My parents are proud. (I asked) 🎥🏆

This link is completely N.S.F.W (and awesome). Click HERE and enjoy.

Thanks for my golden statue, porn world!
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Logan Lynn Interviewed About Music, Mental Health, LGBTQ Activism and Nudity in Hollywood on Mr. Man

New interview up today over on Mr. Man — the authority on celebrity male nudity. 😉

We talked about music, mental health, LGBTQ activism and my favorite naked dicks in film. N.S.F.W. (if that isn’t already obvious).

Click HERE to check it out online, or keep reading below for the full (frontal) transcript.

From Mr. Man: (9/25/18)


Mr. Man was thrilled to see Logan Lynn‘s music video Nothing’s Ever Wrong that opened up with wonderful full frontal nudity from Jay Mohr. We had the opportunity to talk to musician and creator Logan Lynn about that music video and his journey as a musician and LGBTQ activist. Read our exclusive interview below and make sure to watch his new music video.

MM: How did you get started as a musician? 

Logan Lynn: Well, I grew up in a super conservative evangelical environment where secular music and even instruments weren’t allowed, so I have always been really drawn to pop music and the idea of rock and roll from a very early age; as far back as I can remember. Read the rest of this entry »

Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” on Mr. Man This Week

Well, friends? We’ve gone from mainstream media to gay press to tabloids and now pornography blogs, all in just a few days! It’s hilarious.

Check us out today on Mr. Man — the authority on naked celebrities — HERE, or keep reading below.

From Mr. Man: (9/12/18)


Actor and comedian Jay Mohr delighted everyone on Saturday Night Live as the hunky young comic who did Weekend Update and other cute characters in the early 90’s. We crushed on him hard, but we’ve been wondering…where is he? He had so much promise back in the day and continued showing his ass in some movies, but he’s been M.I.A. for a while now. Where is he?


Well…he’s been working on music collaborations and apparently – finally – showing his penis.


Here’s Jay fully naked and showering in a music video by openly gay musician Logan Lynn. The song “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” is a weepy piano ballad that is best accentuated by Jay showering naked almost immediately. He’s giving us full frontal goodness that shows just how hung he is! Let’s be honest: we were pleasantly surprised.


He did a lot of ass-showing in Seeing Other People. Who could see anyone else now that we know how long Jay’s dong is?!


Watch the video here and have the pause button ready to really take in his penis. Jay leaves us asking for Mohr!