I just wanna eat and drink and smoke and shop and fuck.

New single and video out 9.23.21 on Kill Rock Stars.


10 more days! Big thanks to Alessandro Michele and the team at Gucci and Gucci Portland for dressing and bejeweling me again for this thing; to Barneys for all of the leather; to Tiffany & Co. for the custom Tiffany Hardwear jewelry pieces; and to all of the mask-makers featured in the video.

Thanks also to Gino Mari for co-writing/producing/mixing the song; Stephan Hawkes for mixing and mastering; and Russ Galusha and Lilia Berenice Hernandez Galusha for editing this dumb, horny, high fashion film thingy I shot myself while we were doing all of the photos for my new record, and turning said dumb horniness into a music video.

Love y’all.

Just wrapped another video for my new record with Kill Rock Stars.

I’m coach and this is a sports post. Drop and give me 20 or I’ll scream.


Why have something once when you can have it twice?

The new version of Rich and Beautiful came out yesterday and everything has been shiny gay sparkles ever since.

🎥 https://youtu.be/s45GDlEZpWc

🔊 www.LoganLynn.gay

🩸🖼 Kill Rock Stars // Gucci