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Pre-Order “My Movie Star” Now and Download Logan Lynn’s Collaboration with Rian Lewis Instantly!

Breaking from my usual process, I wrote 19 new songs for My Movie Star by myself on the Steinway piano in my living room, then narrowed the tracklist down to 10 for the release. Unlike any of my previous work over the past 20 years, all of these tracks began with me streaming these initial writing sessions for all of you and my followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, live from my loft in Portland, Oregon.

I then took those Steinway Sessions live recordings offline and sent countless clips to this record’s co-Producer Jay Mohr for feedback and direction. This back-and-forth process — which mainly consisted of Jay telling me to quiet down and pushing me to be braver and more exposed — went on for most of 2016 while I was on the road promoting my last release, ADIEU

From there, I invited Portland-based piano genius (and T-Pain muse) GLASYS to come on board to build out the key parts and a few months later we locked ourselves in The Hallowed Halls with Justin Phelps (Amanda PalmerDresden DollsDead Kennedys) and Mike Blackburn (The Wild WarScars on 45Dungen) until My Movie Star was complete. Jay Mohr, who is also a writer on 2 of the songs, gets credit for inspiring the album as a whole.

My Movie Star will be released on October 12th, 2018 as a 2-disc set, alongside an album of all the songs reimagined by The Dandy Warhols, Tiffany (“I Think We’re Alone Now”), Jarryd James, Rian Lewis (Gorillaz, Chromeo), DoublePlusGood, Stose and many more of my favorite bands, artists and musical heroes.

Pre-Order on Double CD, Double Vinyl, or Digital Download at the links below and you’ll get my collaboration with Rian Lewis (Track 1 on Disc 2) instantly!

Deluxe Double Disc – CD Edition Pre-order – Bandcamp (Ships 10/12/18)
Deluxe Double Disc – Vinyl Edition Pre-order – Bandcamp (Ships 4/15/19)
Digital Pre-order – Bandcamp
Digital Pre-order – iTunes
Digital Pre-order – Amazon

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Logan Lynn (2009)

“NWMusicBlog” (Seattle, Portland, Olympia & The Northwest) reviewed my new record today. You can read the post HERE or check things out just below…This review is pretty much as good as they get. It totally made my day earlier.

From “NWMusicBlog” (11/22/2009)

“Logan Lynn’s From Pillar To Post becomes available on iTunes, November 24th, 2009. The highly anticipated follow up to the 2006 critically acclaimed self-titled release, From Pillar to Post features a wiser and more experience Logan Lynn, who in tandem with his new label, Beat The World Records, has produced a fine album full of danceable cuts, featuring some risqué, stunning, and oft times scathing lyrics.

The opening strings of Feed Me to the Wolves are being played so rapidly it sounds as if it is the water racing back after the wave has crashed and crested on the beach, rising in volume to a crescendo as the synth-bass crashes like a rogue wave pushing Logan Lynn’s melodies forward into the listeners’ ears. Heartfelt lyrics, heartbroken libretto gently glide over the highly danceable electronic pulse of the song, crying for a lost lover to assist in closure of the relationship.

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Logan Lynn (2009)

Well, we are a few weeks into the Pre-Release for my new record “From Pillar To Post” and it’s been really fun so far to FINALLY share the songs with you guys. I’m loving all the Tweets and Comments and Emails I’ve been getting from all of you who have been listening and spreading the word! You rule.

It’s pretty clear that everybody is excited about the Limited Edition Signed Vinyl Pre-Release package. I figured I’d let you know that these are still (for the moment) available by CLICKING HERE. Also available are NEW T-SHIRTS, STERLING SILVER LOVEKNUCKLE RINGS, CD’S, DIGITAL DOWNLOADS AND MORE, so…be sure to check it out and TRIP THE MERCH FANTASTIC WITH US.


Also, when you purchase the 12″ Vinyl Edition of “From Pillar To Post” you get the Digital version INSTANTLY, as well as all 4 Volumes of the Remix EP Collection “Blood In The Water”…FREE WITH YOUR PURCHASE!!!


Y-TRON (2009)


Y-Tron is an electronic artist based out of Portland, Oregon. His music relies heavily on vintage synthesizer and drum machine sounds, as well as the extensive use of vocoder and he has a slick little sound going on throughout his work, remixes and otherwise.

I met Bryan Cecil-aka “Y-Tron”-back in the day and now, years later and long-distance, we are working together on a new LL dance record which will be out next year sometime! Interestingly enough, “Y-Tron” also did the music for my cover of “The Dandy Warhols” song “You Were The Last High” which I am going to be releasing next month at some point as a little taste of what’s to come.

Check out his remix of “Write It On My Left Arm” in the music player on this site and bring home Volume 1 today to make it yours forever. For more information on Y-Tron, CLICK HERE.