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New Logan Lynn Track – “We Were Around Before (A cappella)” – FREE Download!

I wrote this song about my darling Aleksandr. It started as an A cappella song and morphed into an acoustic song, then I decided I liked it better A cappella so I switched it back. That’s the version you hear below. “We Were Around Before” is the last song on my “Everything You Touch Turns To Gold” E.P. (available exclusively on Bandcamp HERE free).

Have a listen:

Click the album cover below to download “We Were Around Before (A cappella)” from Logan Lynn’s “Everything You Touch Turns To Gold” for zero dollars on Bandcamp!

New Logan Lynn Track: “The Tree You Named After Me” – FREE Download!

I’ve been releasing acoustic versions of new songs every few weeks since December and let another one out this evening. It’s called “The Tree You Named After Me” and is yet another collaboration with teenage pop phenom Noah Daniel Wood on guitar & David Appaloosa (from Portland indiepop boyband The Hugs) recording and quick mixing the whole thing for us.

Have a listen:

Click the album cover below to download “The Tree You Named After Me” from Logan Lynn’s “Everything You Touch Turns To Gold” for zero dollars on Bandcamp!


Logan Lynn (2010)

NYC Glam Pop group “Naked Highway” did a remix of my song “Bottom Your Way To The Top” for Volume 2 of my Remix EP Collection, “Blood In The Water” (which is available now ONLY when you buy “From Pillar To Post” from the store section of this site and will be available everywhere else later this year).

Check it out:

For more info on “Naked Highway”, CLICK HERE.


Logan Lynn (2010)

Hey folks! Portland gossip and news everyman Byron Beck is hosting the Exclusive Premier of my new video “The Last High” this weekend before it goes live on all of my sites next week when the single comes out! (1/19/2010)

CLICK HERE to check it out NOW!!!


Still from Logan Lynn: "The Last High" (2010 Bystander Productions / Beat The World Records)

Here is a bit of what Byron had to say today…

From “ByronBeck.com” : (1/15/2010)

“LOGAN’S RUN: Logan Lynn’s bio kicks off like this: “If the Land of Misfit Toys elected a team of cultural ambassadors, Logan Lynn would be its poet laureate. In Portland, Oregon’s pulsating indie music scene, he occupies a singular position: an emo prophet with a penchant for electronic beats, preaching the Good Word to drug-damaged crybabies and unemployed, bearded yuppies.”

But I just know Lynn as that cool dude who used to work at Seaplane. And oh yeah, his granny used to teach music to some dude named Johnny Cash. Now he is a full-blown rockstar, or maybe, popstar. Whatever he is, he is awesome and he has a new video to share, “The Last High,” from his hot and very dance-friendly album, “From Pillar to Post,” that’s on The Dandy Warhol’s label, Beat The World Records. It’s a big deal. And just might make him as famous as Beth-You-Know-Who.

Here is what he has to say about his new direction in music: ‘I’ve gone full blown pop with this new record that is coming out late this year. New producer, new direction. I’m, like…HAPPY or something…FINALLY.’ …And I am very happy to share a world exclusive at Byronbeck.com. Here is one of the very first public peeks at “The Last High”—it comes out Tuesday as a single and will be available at loganlynnmusic.com. It is sooo hot!”


Logan Lynn (2010) Bystander Productions

Well, the wait is almost over. My new single “The Last High” is coming out ONE WEEK FROM TODAY (on Tuesday, January 19th) on “Beat The World” Records. It’s a cover of a song originally released by “The Dandy Warhols” and is being released BY said Warhols, so…I’m feeling really excited that they dig what I’ve done with their song. WHEW!


To get you all ready for the release (which also has a KILLER B-Side remix of the song by Y-Tron, who produced the single) I uploaded the track to the music player on this site, SO GO CHECK IT OUT!!!

LOGAN LYNN: THE LAST HIGH (2010 Beat The World Records)

“The Last High” video is coming at you this weekend and…next week at this time you can put this puppy on your ipod. Happy listening, folks!!!


Logan Lynn (2010)

It’s a NEW YEAR, so I’ve been thinking it’s time for a NEW FREE SONG. A while back an up-and-comer in the electronic world who goes by “Flufftronix” remixed my song “Feed Me To The Wolves”. It’s really cool. For more info on “Flufftronix”, CLICK HERE.

Now, download “Feed Me To The Wolves (Flufftronix Remix)” FREE via the widget below. Yee-Haw!

Happy listening, folks…Love Love LOVE!

DUDE, 2009: YOU SUCK, BRO!!!

Logan Lynn (2009)

OK, so…the title of this post is a bit dramatic and unfair. 2009 actually brought with it some really amazing things. My new record “From Pillar To Post” was released and was received better than my little brain could have imagined…First by the press, then by all of you guys. It’s been really great to finally get to share where I’ve been since 2007 with you after going into hiding shortly after I got signed with “Beat The World”. Thanks so much for listening, for helping to spread the word about my tunes, and for reminding me constantly why it is that I write songs in the first place.

On the flipside to all of this professional joy, the past year has been quite a journey for me personally. 2009 was the first year since 1994 where no Alcohol or Cocaine entered my body. Like…NONE. I got clean in the beginning of 2008, so it was tainted by a couple of months of freebasing and I didn’t quit drinking until December of ’08…but this year was clean, start to finish. I’m nearing the 2 year anniversary of my last journey to cracked-out partytown…I know for normal people that doesn’t seem like a very big deal, but for me and for anyone who has ever known or loved me, it’s noteworthy. I’m finally at a point with the getting well that it’s not such a constant struggle to function. All I really have to say about that is…FUCK YES!!! FINALLY!!!!!

At this point, I have torn down every part of my old life and am about to start over. After over 6 years of moving in one direction together, my partner and I split up in July and I’ve spent much of the past 6 months since just regrouping, catching my breath, mourning the loss of that companionship (and that of one of my dogs, Spike, who went to live with “other dad” when he left), and making a new plan. I made decisions this year that kicked me WAY out of my comfort zone and have left me feeling vulnerable and beyond frightened at times, but I’ve managed to navigate through and have finally hit the light at the end of the dark tunnel. I feel great sorrow for this loss in my life, and it is a neon example of how some things which I broke when I was high are just unfixable, no matter how hard anyone tries. I wish him nothing but the greatest happiness and hope the new year brings peace and healing for both of our sad, broken hearts.

That same week in July I went to stay with my Mom and Dad in the Oregon desert. We spent the first part of the week in a raw emotional state, talking out old festering wounds and repairing cracks in the foundation of our family unit that had been made long ago. We cried for the better part of the week, but managed to come back together at some point while I was there. That time with them is the most beautiful experience I’ve had in my life so far and things are forever changed as a result of those moments together.

I’ve made a lot of new friends this year and am really excited to be starting a new decade this week with all of you in tow. I feel light again, like things are clearing up. I am determined to bring my personal life up to speed with my professional life this year…gonna make some happy stuff happen!!!


HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY!!! See you on the 7th at Doug Fir in Portland! It’s gonna be a really good show. “Cars & Trains” and “The Gentry” rule the skool.



Logan Lynn (2009)

Note: This remix is longer than the time allowed for by this particular video maker, so this clip is just the middle section of the song.

Remix by Styrofoam.

Appears on Logan Lynn: “Blood In The Water” Remix EP Collection, Volume 3 (2009 Beat The World Records).
Original appears on Logan Lynn: “From Pillar To Post” (2009 Beat The World Records).


Logan Lynn (2009)

I was interviewed by an LGBT blog from Peru called “Gay Like You” and the story went live today on their site. You can check it out HERE or read the full transcript just below. Hello, Peru! My gayness knows no bounds. Keep in mind that the questions have been translated to English, so they’ve been cleaned up a bit for this post from the original (which was WAY better to begin with than me trying to speak Spanish! That would have been a very short interview)…


From “Gay Like You” (12/15/2009)

Logan Lynn is a very nice musician and songwriter whose last album “From Pillar to Post” is getting huge attention. In this exclusive interview with GAY LIKE YOU, THE BLOG he tell us a lot of things and concerns from his music to personal stuff and always in his natural style. His recent hit “Bottom your way to the top” is one of the favorites on MTV and also on LOGO, if you don’t know Logan (that would be a shame) we introduce him and invite to add him in your ITUNES right now…

GLY: What do you like about using poetry in your songs?

LL: All of my song lyrics are lifted from notebooks which I am constantly scribbling in. I think of it more like stream of consciousness than poetry, at least during the initial writing process. By the time it’s set to music and made to fit the chords it gets more in line with what could be considered poetry, but I don’t think I’m a poet. I work mostly in observation and introspection and have, over time, developed my songwriting style into what it is today.

GLY: Do you like to be considered an outcast, a misfit, a rebel?

LL: I have always somehow found myself in outcast roles, but at this point in my life I welcome it. It’s the reality, so I’ve learned to embrace it and think that, musically, all of those feelings have helped shape me as an artist and are, at the core, what bring people to my music. Everybody feels far away sometimes, everybody goes through life wanting to fit in, wishing they were apart of something…so, I think people can relate universally to my songs on those levels.

GLY: You were born and grew up in Portland (Oregon), where right now there is a pulsating music scene. How would you consider your own music if you could describe it yourself?

LL: I was actually born in Lubbock, Texas and was essentially raised in Nebraska. I fled the Midwest in 1996 and Read the rest of this entry »


Logan Lynn (2009)

Hey guys! It’s been a minute since I gave away a FREE SONG so I figured now’s as good a time as any. Click on the widget below to download Styrofoam’s remix of my song “Bleed Him Out” from Volume 3 of my Remix EP Collection, “Blood In The Water” for ZERO dollars waaaaay before the rest of the world gets it when it’s released next year.

Styrofoam (2009)

I’ve said it before, but Styrofoam is one of my all time favorites. I first heard him when someone bought me a CD of his called “I’m What’s There To Show Something’s Missing” in 2003 (which you can get on iTunes HERE) and I have followed him closely ever since. He’s been a huge inspiration to me throughout the years and I’m still pissing my pants every time I think about how awesome it is that he came on board for the project, digs my record, etc. He’s, like…the fucking Godfather of my genre and his stamping “cool” on my record has made me all smiles for years to come.

If you haven’t heard Styrofoam, you are WAY behind. Get with the program on his Myspace page HERE and download “Bleed Him Out (Styrofoam Remix)” now just below—>

P.S. (When you are done getting your free song, watch Styrofoam’s video “After Sunset” HERE. It’s super good…)







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