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Happy New Year.

I’m one of like 5 people who somehow managed to have a good year — but I miss restaurants, live music, trying on clothes in stores, and staying home for fun. I miss making eyes with random men at parties and the creepy way my chiropractor always used to tell me I smelled good while he was cracking my back. I miss your faces, I miss movie theaters, and most of all, I miss not being afraid all the time — for you, for me, and for what all of this means for the future.

I responded to this madness by leaning all the way into joy, glamour, music, fashion, fundraising and gayness, everywhere I could. I made keeping myself, my family, and my colleagues safe and moving forward my number one priority in 2020 — and it worked. We did the thing and we are still here.

Love you all. I’ll kiss you at midnight next year. 💋

Oh, 2014. Good Lord.

Logan Lynn by Adrian Sotomayor 2014
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I dunno about you but 2011 is all laughter, old friends, puppies and romance so far on this end. Let’s hope the past few days are a sign of the year to come. I’m into it!

Just for kicks, below are some photos from New Year’s Eve. I spent it at The Odditorium with The Dandy Warhols. Oh, also: I posted my new record “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” on my Soundcloud page so you can listen to it FREE now whenever you want, post it to your Facebook walls, email the link to all your friends, etc. This experience can be yours now by clicking HERE, gurrrrls.