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Logan Lynn Featured as Top Story Today on Oregon Music News


Oh haaaaaayyyyy! Top story over at Oregon Music News today. Cute!

Click HERE to have a look-see at OMN online, or keep reading below to see what they had to say.

From Oregon Music News: (12/11/2016)

Logan Lynn: PDX Spotlight for December / full show video

He opens up about everything from drug and alcohol abuse to years of dealing with mental illness.

Logan Lynn isn’t hiding anything on his 8th studio release Adieu.

In this month’s episode of PDX Spotlight, Logan joins host Luke Neill and opens up about everything from drug and alcohol abuse to years of dealing with mental illness.   He shows the audience what it looks and sounds like to come out the other side of some pretty dark places.   The 4 songs Logan and his band perform from Adieu will likely entice you to rewind and listen again.

View the full episode here or at pdxspotlight.com

Feature Story and Review of Logan Lynn’s New Record ADIEU in Oregon Music News Magazine This Week

Logan Lynn by Ray Gordon (2016) ADIEU

I had the pleasure of spending some time with music writer Meghan Kearney of Oregon Music News in Portland last month and the story was published today. It’s all about love, loss, mental health, crisis and recovery — basic life themes, as it were.

You can read the piece by clicking the screenshot of the Oregon Music News homepage today just below, or scroll down for the full transcript.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 6.16.03 PM
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It’s been really touching this week since announcing my upcoming hiatus to see how many people, venues, record stores and press outlets have felt that my taking a break from the stage is newsworthy (Just Out, Willamette Week, KZME FM Radio & Oregon Music News to name a few). Makes a boy feel really loved during a rather slippery, uneasy time, so…thanks for that.

In addition to the announcement of my change of plans last week on their site which you can read HERE, OMN (Oregon Music News) picked up on my swan song today and has it featured in a story titled “Logan Lynn Releases Final Album Via YouTube“. Click HERE to redirect or keep reading below.

From Oregon Music News: (8/3/2010)

“While Logan Lynn may have decided to call it quits last week, he’s at least also decided that “The last hoorah may as well have a soundtrack, right?”

Releasing his final album as YouTube playlist, “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” features lyrics and vocals from Lynn with music and programming by Bryan Cecil. The album is Read the rest of this entry »


OMN (Oregon Music News) came to The Odditorium the other night while we were setting up for yesterday’s shoot and interviewed me and The Gentry. They ran a story today, along with the interview and some MP3 LIVE audio from yesterday!!! Click HERE to check it out at their site or keep reading below…

From “Oregon Music News”: (5/26/2010)

“Logan Lynn & The Gentry: Emotronic goes post-punk”

It is 9pm and Logan Lynn and The Gentry are scrambling to sound-check in a cavernous warehouse space in Portland’s NW industrial district. “We’re in the Dandy’s kingdom,” Lynn says of The Odditorium, the sprawling studio of the Dandy Warhols.

The main room has giant murals leaning on almost every surface, a small fleet of motorcycles in the rear. There’s a kitchen outfitted better than most restaurants. The oddly placed nooks, crannies, windows and doors suggest a building cobbled together from several smaller ones.

The band is setting up for an early morning video shoot at The Odditorium with local CBS affiliate Koin 6. They’re shooting promo videos too, for a tour they’re kicking off this Thursday, May 27th, at the Doug Fir Lounge with DoublePlusGood and Fleshtone.

Logan Lynn is known for his emotronic, electro-pop, and OMN has profiled him before. In the past he’s mostly performed alone, sometimes bringing along a producer like Cars & Trains, while he stood out front crooning into a mic over layers of soft electronics. But for this Thursday’s show, and this summer’s upcoming tour, he’s brought along a full band: slamming dance-electro rockers The Gentry.

He calls himself a “bad hostess” as the band hurries to set up. He seems anxious, but affable. Will an act that’s gained popularity for soft, emotive electronics sit well with an accustomed fan base after adding a full, raucous band?

“I was scared about what people were gonna do,” Lynn says. But after their first performance at Blow Pony in February, “We had every single ear and eye on us. They were into it. I checked the video just to make sure. It’s real.”

The transition began in December “and we just went full force, we started practicing 30 hours a week.” OMN caught up with Logan Lynn, and Gino Mari (vocals, guitar), Steve Taylor (synthesizers, bass), and Andrew Carrion [A.C.] (drums) of The Gentry between rehearsals to talk about the change. Plus, there’s a new live track of their collaboration below.
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Logan Lynn (2010)

The “Oregon Music News” team were in attendance at the big spectacle at the Doug Fir in Portland this past Thursday and posted their review of the evening on their site today. It’s GOOD. You can check it out below or by clicking HERE.

From “Oregon Music News”: (1/13/2010)

‘Logan Lynn, Cars & Trains, and The Gentry: Electricly emote at the Doug Fir’

“The combination of Logan Lynn and Cars & Trains playing together at the Doug Fir last Thursday was as fresh as I’d hoped, and The Gentry added an element of power. The show represented the Portland showcase of Lynn’s already nationally acclaimed fourth album, From Pillar to Post, and the debut of Cars & Trains’ sophomore album, The Roots, The Leaves, which comes out on January 24th. The Gentry, now sharing backup duty for Logan with Cars & Trains, showcased this new synthesis last week as well.

The performance, with Lynn backed by Cars & Trains, was honest and a little gritty but fresh, while at the same time evoking a throwback to Mates of State’s My Solo Project. Lynn’s soulful, slightly melancholy vocals were contrasted with happier, upbeat backup, creating a push-pull phenomenon, which gave the music depth and interest. The sound this duo produces is more than superficial–you have to think deeper to get it as a whole, which is refreshing, and likely why it’s frequently awarded the emotronic title–emotionally open, complexly happy-sad.

At the end of the show The Gentry joined the rest of the musicians on stage for a finale. While The Gentry opened the night with their own set of sucker punching beat-infused rock, they closed by backing Lynn and changing the overall story. The combo of Lynn and Cars & Trains says, “Here are some painful things, but what the fuck, let’s dance it off!” The combo of Lynn and The Gentry says, “Here are some painful things, let’s break a hoe… what?” Exhibit A: What one does. Exhibit B: What one’s Id would do. The whole experience left the audience eerily aware of Lynn’s inner workings, which I think is why he’s so relatable.”

-Alaya Wyndham-Price, “OMN”


Logan Lynn (2010)

I just saw a preview of my show tomorrow at Doug Fir that “Oregon Music News” posted today on their site. You can redirect there by clicking HERE, or keep reading below. If you don’t have tickets yet, get them HERE.

From “Oregon Music News” (1/6/2010)

“Logan Lynn, Cars & Trains, and The Gentry: Gently electrifying the Doug Fir: If you think the new year should bring new music, then don’t miss this show tomorrow night at the Doug Fir. Logan Lynn just released his fourth album, From Pillar to Post, and will play as the night’s headliner alongside The Gentry’s intriguing mix of lyrical pondering and head bopping, shoulder popping beats. Lynn is already getting national press for the album, and tomorrow’s show will be Portland’s first taste of the live, two-band synthesis.

Cars & Trains artist Tom Filepp will showcase his sophomore offering, The Roots, The Leaves, which comes out January 24th. Portland is already buzzing about the album with its unique soundscapes, which include many local artists as guest vocalists, toy instruments, and tape samples. With theses new albums full of sounds that braid electronica, folk, pop, hip-hop, and rock together, these bands really will give us the gift of new music. Doors at 8 p.m., Show at 9 p.m. Thursday, January 7, Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E. Burnside, 503-231-WOOD, $6 at the door.

-Alaya Wyndham-Price, OMN”

Oregon Music News (2010) Logan Lynn

So…there you have it. Come out and play with us…TOMORROW NIGHT!!! “Oregon Music News” will be there…will you???



Logan Lynn (2009)

I was interviewed by “Oregon Music News” last week and the story went live today. To check it out, CLICK HERE or you can read the full transcript below. The story will also be running on the homepage of the “Oregon Music News” website this Sunday, so…YAY. Thanks, OMN! I love it when magazines print my words as I say them instead of picking and choosing little snippets and making me sound stupid.

Here’s the transcript, folks:

From “Oregon Music News” (11/19/2009)

“Logan Lynn makes emotronic, electropop. A gay man from America’s heartland, raised in a family of cult-like, born-again Christians, he’s found a way out of some dark, lost days. Influenced by folk music growing up and DJs in Chicago, Logan’s demo was titled This Is Folk Techno. Sentimental lyrics paired with capricious electro-beats, Logan’s sound ranges from dejected to dancey, creating moods that resemble The Postal Service. Relishing in Portland’s creativity, Logan is signed to The Dandy Warhols’ label Beat The World and is becoming a people person. He celebrates his new album From Pillar To Post with a listening party on Sunday, November 22nd at Jinx Bar with The Dandy’s Zia McCabe spinning records as DJ Rescue, but before the drinks, Logan chats about being emo, hiding under the sheets, and grandma’s adages.”

OMN: Are you emo? What’s wrong with that word? Or is it just right?

LL: Well, that depends. Read the rest of this entry »