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New Interview with Logan Lynn in Out Magazine This Week

New interview published today in Out Magazine!

Had a blast chatting with Mikelle Street for this piece. 🏳️‍🌈

Check it out HERE.


Logan Lynn and WNBA Star Player Brittney Griner at Q Center in Portland!

Brittney Griner

I had a great time hosting WNBA star (and OUT lesbian) Brittney Griner this week at Q Center in Portland! Brittney read from her book, answered questions, signed and gave out copies of “In My Skin”, took photos, and was just generally wonderful. She even brought packs of Skittles and Cliff bars for all of the LGBTQ youth and friends in attendance. What a gem!

At one point during today’s dialogue, when Brittney Griner was asked if she had any advice for queer women coming out in sports, her answer was simple: “Don’t let them silence you.”
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Logan Lynn (2009)

So exciting. “Out” Magazine has me as one of their featured stories today over at their website. To check it out, CLICK HERE.

Today rules!!!

You can read the full transcript from the interview below as well.

Out Magazine, December/January (2009)

From “Out” Magazine:

“NEED TO KNOW: LOGAN LYNN — The singer chats about his new album, feuding with Jeffree Star, and “putting the discomfort back in disco.” Plus: see his new video, “Bottom Your Way to the Top.”

Logan Lynn’s emo-disco-pop blend has already made him a hit with gay guys who like to hear their lives — from the highs to the lows — set to music. His ability to capture melancholy and melody is really no surprise, given that the grandmother who taught him about music also taught a similarly emotional man, Johnny Cash. We sat down with Lynn to find out about “bottoming his way to the top,” feuding with Jeffree Star, and just what “putting the discomfort in disco” actually means.
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