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Feature Story on GAYNRD This Week!

Feature story up on GAYNRD about my ruining the holidays, as well as these limited edition Polaroid sets we’re giving away to a handful of folks who pre-order New Money before January 1st!

Check it out here.

Win a Limited Edition Signed Polaroid Set when you Pre-Order New Money from Kill Rock Stars

Leading up to the release of my debut album for Kill Rock Stars, New Money, I documented the creation of the record and all of the music videos with a Polaroid camera.

To commemorate the process, as well as to help celebrate Kill Rock Stars’ 30th anniversary, I put together 91 sets of Polaroids (for 1991, when the label first launched), each containing an assortment of behind the scenes shots from the album cycle. Many of these have been shared on my social media, but many have never been seen. There are over 600 shots in all. 


Additionally, I worked with Polaroid Lab to create 30 large framed sets in two sizes (17” and 12”), each reinterpreting the New Money cover art. These come numbered and signed and there are 30 total, for 30 years of KRS. All sets were hand assembled and framed by me, and no two sets are alike. (These are all pictured in the main image of this post above) 


Everyone who preorders the album directly from Kill Rock Stars before January 1st, 2022 will be automatically entered to receive a framed Polaroid set or Polaroid pack. 

Each small set contains multiple shots, and comes numbered in a New Money silver glam pouch. Each large framed piece comes signed and numbered in a ‘New Money’ gold glam pouch. 



Proof that I did, at times, wear both a shirt and pants during the recording process.

Don’t anybody get used to it.

#GucciTheRitual // Polaroid i-Type, 2020

More proof of life, taken on Polaroid i-Type film during one of the vocal writing sessions for this album last year.

I’ve worn pants so infrequently over the last 13 months my dog cries now like I’m leaving whenever I put them on.


Going through Polaroids from the past year of working on this new record with Gino Mari and it’s a lot of me just looking varying degrees of very hairy, sweaty, happy, fancy, and confused.