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Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” Video Featured on Adam4Adam Blog This Week

The video (and Penisgate scandal. ha!) are still makin’ the rounds a week after the release.

Check us out today on the Adam4Adam BlogHERE or keep reading below for the transcript.

From Adam4Adam: (9/17/18)

Celebrities: Jay Mohr Goes Full Frontal in Music Video (NSFW)

Jay Mohr—an American actor, comedian, best-selling author, and radio host—went full frontal on Logan Lynn’s music video for his new song titled, “Nothing’s Ever Wrong.”

The 48-year-old actor rose to fame when he was featured as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” and is best known as the sports agent Bob Sugar in Jerry Maguire (1996, Cameron Crowe). But I especially loved him in Picture Perfect (1997, Glenn Gordon Caron) where he played as Nick opposite to Jennifer Aniston’s Kate Mosley. And also, in his TV series with Jennifer Love Hewitt titled Ghost Whisperer (2005, John Gray) where his character Professor Rick Payne was one of my favorites and yes, I thought he was really cute.

Logan Lynn: “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” Director’s Cut (2018) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO from Logan Lynn on Vimeo.

I loved Nothing’s Ever Wrong, by the way; the song, the music video, and Jay Mohr as well.

Anyway, the track Nothing’s Ever Wrong is part of Logan Lynn’s upcoming album called My Movie Starset for release next month, October 12, 2018. Jay Mohr co-produced the album and he also wrote 2 of the 10 songs in My Movie Star. Check it out here.

Happy viewing!

Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” Video Now Playing on The Naughty Gossip

Oops. We made Naughty Gossip’s “Flasher” section. Check it out HERE or just keep reading below for the full transcript.

From Naughty Gossip: (9/15/18)


Check him out as he goes full-frontal in Logan Lynn‘s recent “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” music video after the NSFW jump!

Watch the full NSFW video here:

Logan Lynn: “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” Director’s Cut (2018) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO from Logan Lynn on Vimeo.

Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr Featured in Instinct Magazine

Hello Instinct Magazine! I love you guys. And I love that you love the video. Thanks for getting the word out.

Click HERE to watch “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” on Instinct online, or keep reading for the full transcript below.

From Instinct Magazine: (9/12/18)

Beefy & Hunky Jay Mohr Goes Full-Frontal in Logan Lynn Music Video

Jay Mohr has always been one of those underrated hotties for close to three decades now. For instance, Jerry Maguire had more eye candy in it than just Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. And he’s up there in terms of being one of the hottest men to have ever flexed their comedy chops on Saturday Night Live, a show he was apart of from 1993-1995.

Now the 48-year-old has done something many of us never expected: going completely full-frontal in a music video for an openly gay artist. This became a reality when musician, singer and television personality Logan Lynn released his new video for “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” on Monday, which shows the New Jersey native in the buff.

Logan and Jay both have major history with one another prior to this video being made. His latest album, My Movie Star (out October 12th), is actually inspired by Lynn’s collaborations with Mohr. He shifted gears with his newest effort, which finds him going in a different direction emotionally compared to his last albums which dealt primarily with mental health (something he is a huge advocate of).

“My last record in 2016 was all about mental health, all about my recovery and my journey from sickness to wellness and this new album is an album about love, right?,” he told Spill Magazine. “They’re love songs, these are songs about navigating the world as a public person, they’re about my inner life, the inner lives of the people I love and how that’s perceived by the outside world and so it’s very different. I think this album is more conceptual, it’s not about mental health”

“This one is topically much more about love and just life, and Hollywood, and my experience of being around movie stars and folks that are famous: just getting to see what that means in real life versus the projection that they all carry around,” he continued. “It was also an opportunity for me to change my sound a bit. [I’ve been] known for doing this rambunctious dance music for years and years, then I morphed into more of an indie or college rock sound over the last couple albums and then this is just me with a grand piano. It really strips down and is intimate and quiet.”

Logan and Jay already released a featurette back in February, also called “My Movie Star,” That made its exclusive premiere on BuzzBands LA. The short film featured three previously unreleased songs from the upcoming album of the same name. Jay was not only the inspiration for it, but he also produced and co-wrote it as well.

There are two version of the video for “Nothing’s Ever Wrong,” one of which features Jay’s front and back and the R-rated version which only features the latter. NSFW (of course), but the full-frontal version can be seen here.

Jay already has made jokes about everyone seeing his private parts:

Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” on QueerClick

Penisgate continues. Check out the latest on QueerClick HERE, or just keep reading below for the full transcript.

From QueerClick: (9/13/18)

Jay Mohr Goes Full Frontal For Logan Lynn’s Music Video!

Jay Mohr Goes Full Frontal For Logan Lynn's Music Video!

Saturday Night Live alum Jay Mohr became a shocker this week for appearing nude in a music video. Look at these stunning visuals here.

Mohr starred in a melancholy-filled music video for Logan Lynn‘s song “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” premiering via Self-Titled magazine’s website which was directed by Lynn himself. The piece has two versions, one with the butt exposure only and the NC-17 Director’s Cut which shows the same shower scene from the Rated-R version but this time, also exposing Jay Mohr’s flaccid peen.

Mohr and Lynn have been working together since last year which started when the latter became a guest on Mohr Stories, a podcast by Jay where he discussed his artistry and many other personal matters. They continued producing materials like “My Movie Star” featurette and the “Underground” short film which they both co-produced. Looks like both have inspired each other and their friendship has come a long way when it comes to artistic collaborations. “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” music video is another imagination visualized a=in a melancholic monochrome environment. Read the rest of this entry »

Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” Featured on Fleshbot

I can’t with these headlines. Bahahahahaha! Thank you, internet.

Check us out on the super N.S.F.W. Fleshbot site HERE, or keep reading below for the full transcript.

From Fleshbot: (9/13/18)

People Losing It For Jay Mohr’s Dick!

Jay Mohr’s dick for your afternoon delight OMG Blog

Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” on Mr. Man This Week

Well, friends? We’ve gone from mainstream media to gay press to tabloids and now pornography blogs, all in just a few days! It’s hilarious.

Check us out today on Mr. Man — the authority on naked celebrities — HERE, or keep reading below.

From Mr. Man: (9/12/18)


Actor and comedian Jay Mohr delighted everyone on Saturday Night Live as the hunky young comic who did Weekend Update and other cute characters in the early 90’s. We crushed on him hard, but we’ve been wondering…where is he? He had so much promise back in the day and continued showing his ass in some movies, but he’s been M.I.A. for a while now. Where is he?


Well…he’s been working on music collaborations and apparently – finally – showing his penis.


Here’s Jay fully naked and showering in a music video by openly gay musician Logan Lynn. The song “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” is a weepy piano ballad that is best accentuated by Jay showering naked almost immediately. He’s giving us full frontal goodness that shows just how hung he is! Let’s be honest: we were pleasantly surprised.


He did a lot of ass-showing in Seeing Other People. Who could see anyone else now that we know how long Jay’s dong is?!


Watch the video here and have the pause button ready to really take in his penis. Jay leaves us asking for Mohr!

Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” Video on DListed

Still makin’ the rounds.

Click HERE to check it out over on DListed, or push play below.

Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr Featured on Brazil’s Observatorio G

Haaaaayyyy again, Brazil!

Check us out on Observatorio G HERE, or keep reading below for the full transcript.

From Observatorio G: (9/13/18)

Jay Mohr aparece peladão em clipe do cantor gay Logan Lynn

Jay Mohr

O ator Jay Mohr que ficou famoso por atuar em produções de sucesso, como a série “Ghost Whisperer” (2006-2008) foi o convidado especial para estrelar o novo clipe do cantor gay Logan Lynn.

Na produção audiovisual para a canção “Nothing’s Ever Wrong”, todo em preto e branco, Mohr aparece do jeitinho que veio ao mundo, completamente pelado.

O vídeo, por conta do conteúdo explícito, foi produzido e divulgado em duas versões: uma primeira com cortes e outra sem censura.

Assista abaixo a versão completa.


Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” Video on OMG! Blog This Week

OMG Blog has the latest. Watch “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” and see what they had to say about the video HERE or keep reading below for the full transcript.

From OMG Blog: (9/13/18)

!! OMG, he’s naked: Jay Mohr goes full-frontal in Logan Lynn’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” music video !!

Jay Mohr was a staple of 90’s cinema and television and it’s been a minute since we’ve heard from him, but check him out as he goes full-frontal in Logan Lynn‘s recent “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” music video after the NSFW jump!

Watch the full NSFW video here:

Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr on Guia Gay São Paulo in Brazil This Week

Gay-baiting Brazil already today with Jay Mohr! Check it out online HERE or keep reading below for the full transcript.

From Guia Gay São Paulo: (9/11/18)

Jay Mohr está pelado no clipe do cantor gay Logan Lynn. Assista!

Álbum ‘My Movie Star’, foi inspirado no ator, que também escreve e produz canções do disco<

Estrela de filmes como Jerry Maguire (1996) e de séries como Ghost Whisperer (2006-2008), Jay Mohr está como veio ao mundo no clipe novo de Logan Lynn.

No vídeo de Nothing’s Ever Wrong, que é todo em p&b, Mohr aparece em situações cotidianas, em uma mansão, o que inclui tomar banho pelado.

No início do ano, o ator já havia estrelado um curta (chamado My Movie Star) com três músicas do novo álbum de Lynn, homônimo ao filme e que irá para as lojas em 12 de outubro.

Mohr produziu e coescreveu algumas das canções do disco, que é inspirado nele.

Abertamente gay, Lynn disse que este disco é mais autoral do que os anteriores.

Conhecido por seu ativismo pela saúde mental e com uma pegada mais pop e eletrônica, o cantor enveredou pela folk e indie music no novo trabalho.

“É muito mais sobre amor e vida, Hollywood, e minha experiência de estar perto de estrelas de cinema e pessoas famosas”, contou à revista Spill.

O vídeo tem versões editada e completa. Esta aqui é a sem cortes. Assista:

Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr Featured on Cocktails & Cocktalk Today

We are featured over on the Cocktails & Cocktalk blog today, too. Have a gander HERE, or keep reading below for the full transcript.

From Cocktails & Cocktalk: (9/11/18)

‘Nothing’s Ever Wrong’ with Jay Mohr going Full-Frontal [Video]

American actor and comedian Jay Mohr has left behind TV in favour of music in his latest venture. Mohr, who looks almost unrecognisable with his shaved head and beefy physique, commits fully to his role though: going full-frontal in an outdoor shower.

The scene, which is part of openly-gay musician Logan Lynn’s Nothing’s Ever Wrong, follows the pair’s long-running collaborations together, including a featurette back in February.

Image result for logan lynn jay mohr

Of leaving behind dance music, and his former sound, Lynn says: “I morphed into more of an indie or college rock sound over the last couple albums and then this is just me with a grand piano. It really strips down and is intimate and quiet.”

Check out the NSFW video below:

Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” on Gay Pop Buzz

Penisgate continues.


From Gay Pop Buzz: (9/13/18)

Jay Mohr Went Full-Frontal

1990s star Jay Mohr is back in our lives and he’s revealing a whole bunch of himself to us.

Remember Jay Mohr? He’s an actor and comedian who made big splashes in Hollywood in the 1990s and 2000s. While he’s not as famous as he used to be (despite working all throughout the 2010s), he’s recently made a big splash by going full-frontal.

That’s right, Jay Mohr is baring it all and for a music video to boot. Mohr is featured front and center (and we mean front) in the new music video for Logan Lynn’s “Nothing’s Ever Wong,” and we know you’ll love it.

Want to see the scene with Jay Mohr’s thing? Check it out below.

But again for those too young to know, “Who’s Jay Mohr?”

He got his big break as a cast member on the legendary Saturday Night Live show in the ’90s. He then appeared in films like Picture Perfect.

But Jay Mohr wasn’t just working in the 1990s, he kept on working in 2000s tv shows like Ghost Whisperer and films like Are We There Yet? On top of that, Mohr has worked as a radio host for several radio talk shows like Jay Mohr Sports and the Mohr Storiespodcast.

Jay Mohr’s biggest moment (so far) may have been when he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for his work as the host and executive producer of Last Comic Standing.

Now, we’re happy to see so much of Mohr (more than we have ever seen before). It looks like this is a growing trend of male actors being brave enough to go full-frontal on screen, and we are loving every little (or big) bit of it.



Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” Video on BoyCulture.com

Oh haaaaaayyyyy gays! Click HERE to check us out on Boy Culture, or keep reading below for the full transcript.

Fom BoyCulture.com: (9/11/18)

NOTHING’S EVER WRONG With A Jay Mohr Full Monty

Forty-eight-year-old Jay Mohr, the onetime SNL comic, goes fully nude in the music video for “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” by queer musician Logan Lynn. Great song and gutsy video …

Mohr, a huge fan of Lynn’s work, told The Spill:

“Nothing’s Ever Wrong” is one of my favorite songs. Not just on the album; it’s one of my favorite songs ever. There’s something so heartbreaking about it — so much story just off mic … because it needs to be. Logan Lynn is a loving artist. He knows he has doors to open that we can’t close, so in “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” he leaves out everything but what’s there … It shook me. I mean driving-and-crying shook me. It’s so beautiful. Indescribably beautiful, but it’s ominous for me … foreboding. Like if he goes any further it will break your heart; a door that can never be closed if he opens it.

Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr Featured on The Kidd Chris Show

That headline! “Jay Mohr Shows Schween in Music Video” – Jesus Christ. Bahahahahahaha

Click HERE to listen and watch on iHeartRadio online.







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