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Song of the Week at PoMo Magazine This Week!

It’s Christmas, Motherfuckers! is Song of the Week at Portland Monthly Magazine this week!

Ho Ho Ho.


Portland Monthly Magazine Premiers New Logan Lynn Video + Announces New Record Release Date and Album Title!

My new video, “Turn Me Out“, made its exclusive world premier over at Portland Monthly Magazine today! Watch it HERE first. They interviewed me for the piece as well, which you can read while you are there (or via the transcript below). We chatted about the new record (“Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks”, due out Tuesday, December 4th), my relationship adventure, and the “Turn Me Out” video itself.

Check it out:

From Portland Monthly, 7/24/2012:

World Premiere: Logan Lynn’s New Music Video, “Turn Me Out” – The electro-pop darling “just want[s] your love”

Local electro-pop (emotronic?) musician Logan Lynn has been on a two-year do-gooder music hiatus while he manned public relations and innovations for the Q Center (among other things, using his connections to bring in national musicians for concert series). But that’s not to say he hasn’t been busy behind studio doors. He released the catchy, dirty, dancefloor single “Turn Me Out” in June, and Culturephile’s delighted to post the world premiere of the video (that’s right: we got it before MTV or Logo)—a rather atmospheric ode to the joyous imprisonment that is love.

The single is from his upcoming album called Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks, slated for a 12/4 release. It’s a love letter of sorts to his fellow. We had a short chat with Logan about the song, the relationship, the record, and writing about happy material, below the video.

We should mention for our more delicate listeners that the lyrics are a little more than just obliquely sexual.

PoMo: Where did the inspiration for the song and video come from? It seems a paradoxical celebration of the imprisonment of love.

Lynn: This new record is, start to finish, inspired by Read the rest of this entry »


My new video “Quickly As We Pass” will be making its way out into the world in the UK next week and has been picked up by MTV here in the states so…stay tuned on premier developments there. As a little sneak peek of what’s to come, Portland Monthly Magazine is hosting an exclusive world premier of the video on their site now through the weekend. This is the ONLY way to see it until we go live with it next Tuesday, so check it out by clicking HERE.

Special thanks to Director Jeffrey McHale (who also happened to be the brains behind my “Bottom Your Way To The Top” video from 2009 and the “Black Swan/Showgirls Mash-Up” video you have all been watching for months) for having such a clear vision of what he wanted this video to be about. I’m super happy with the results.








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