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Music Video Pre-Production, Day 2

Video shoot pre-production, day 2: It’s so smoky in Portland no one can leave their homes, so I’m working with the wardrobe team on what look goes where in the song, via FaceTime.

2020 is wild.


(Tracksuit and sneakers by Alessandro Michele for Gucci)

Quarantine Update: 6 Months In…

I expanded my quarantine pod to include my parents and Ruth this week after exactly 6 months of total solitude.

Just FYI: This is waaaaayyyy better. 🤘

Logan Lynn on Flawless Foundation’s Zoom Podcast This Week

I’m the guest this week on Flawless Foundation’s Zoom series, talking about self-care and fashion in the time of quarantine and a bunch of other stuff! 🤘

Check out the full convo below:

Up Early…

‪…listening to the demos from this new record I’ve been working on with Gino Mari. ‬

‪I sound like a horny, deranged madman who has been trapped inside his house for half a year on every single one of these songs. ‬

‪#GucciTheRitual ‬

18 weeks of Quarantine but Make it Fashion


Mocktails Up In Here

Wednesday evening’s non-alcoholic adult beverage hour at home, courtesy of Lyres and their zero proof White Cane liquor.

You can have it for a treat. 💋


It’s the weekend. I’m still very at home. 💙


Quarantine Update: Week 13

I am so starved for human connection that I seriously considered asking the furniture delivery man if he would like to stay for dinner. Also I’ve decided to get married. Doesn’t matter who he is. Dude just needs to come over here right now and move all of these boxes to the other room. 🖤

I’ve Been Alone in the House Too Long: A Memoir

💀 #Gucci // #GucciTheRitual

Sick of This Dude.

Sick of this dude but he’s all I’ve got right now so I dress him up in Gucci every morning and tell him he’s pretty because somebody has to.