Logan Lynn by Ingrid Renan (2017) My Movie Star



Logan Lynn Interview in July 2017 Print Issue of New Noise Magazine

Logan Lynn (2017) My Movie Star

I was interviewed by New Noise Magazine for their current print issue. We talked about music, mental health, my new record with Jay Mohr and a bunch of other stuff.

Here is a screenshot of the piece, which appears on page 6:


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I was looking through this week’s Just Out earlier this evening and came across a photo Ray Gordon took of me removing my clothes a little while back as the main attraction on page 23 and a story on page 24. They also had some really nice stuff to say about me and my merger with The Gentry which you can read below or via the electronic PDF version of the paper HERE.

From JUST OUT Newsweekly – (5/25/2010 Issue)

“Back That Up”: Portland pop-rock powerhouse Logan Lynn returns to the stage with new band.

Local queer techno-folk darling Logan Lynn is amping things up. After a brief performance hiatus, the former solo artist has teamed with a new band, The Gentry, and is plugging in to a bigger, badder sound. “Many of you who have seen my live show in the past will be expecting something completely different than you will be getting,” Lynn said in a message to fans. “Things have gotten loud and I’ve moved into the world of electronic rock with full force.”

Often compared to artists such as Lykke Li, Ladytron and Goldfrapp, Lynn’s danceable grooves belie the serious, even emo lyrics beneath. The addition of a backing band gives his music a more pulsing rhythm that pushes through the ear, rather than wafting past, creating a sound that’s more grounded and less ethereal.

As those who got a preview of the new Logan Lynn and The Gentry (LL+G) at February’s Blow Pony can attest, these boys are ready to rock. Folks who missed the show can watch a reworked version of Lynn’s single “Feed Me to the Wolves” on his YouTube channel. Ever generous, the musician has also “leaked” demos from his upcoming album with Y-Tron on his Web site. The tracks are unedited and unmastered but still offer a good taste of what’s to come.

Fortunately, eager fans need not wait much longer to bob and sway to Lynn’s electrically and emotionally-charged beats. LL+G kick off their West Coast summer tour Thursday, May 27 at the Doug Fir, joined by electro-pop duo DoublePlusGood and electro artist Fleshtone. The guys go on to perform for the homo masses at both Olympia’s Capitol Pride on June 12 and Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party at The Cuff on June 27.
“The Gentry and I have been hiding since January making things loud and wild, getting ready to take the loud wildness on the road,” Lynn said.

With any luck, the crowds will join in the ruckus raising.

–Erin Rook

Logan Lynn and The Gentry perform at 9 p.m. May 27 at the Doug Fir, 830 E. Burnside. Tickets are $5 in advance or at the door. To buy tickets, head to http://www.dougfirlounge.com.


Logan Lynn (2010)

Those of you who have followed my career will recognize the name “Ray Gordon” in relation to photography. He has, once again, brought a smile to my face with this new batch of shots!!!

Here are a few of the new photos from our shoot with Ray…

Logan Lynn by Ray Gordon (2010) www.RayGordon.com

Logan Lynn & The Gentry by Ray Gordon (2010) www.RayGordon.com

Logan Lynn by Ray Gordon (2010) www.RayGordon.com

Logan Lynn by Ray Gordon (2010) www.RayGordon.com

Logan Lynn by Ray Gordon (2010) www.RayGordon.com

For more info on Ray Gordon CLICK HERE.


Logan Lynn (2009)

I was interviewed by “Oregon Music News” last week and the story went live today. To check it out, CLICK HERE or you can read the full transcript below. The story will also be running on the homepage of the “Oregon Music News” website this Sunday, so…YAY. Thanks, OMN! I love it when magazines print my words as I say them instead of picking and choosing little snippets and making me sound stupid.

Here’s the transcript, folks:

From “Oregon Music News” (11/19/2009)

“Logan Lynn makes emotronic, electropop. A gay man from America’s heartland, raised in a family of cult-like, born-again Christians, he’s found a way out of some dark, lost days. Influenced by folk music growing up and DJs in Chicago, Logan’s demo was titled This Is Folk Techno. Sentimental lyrics paired with capricious electro-beats, Logan’s sound ranges from dejected to dancey, creating moods that resemble The Postal Service. Relishing in Portland’s creativity, Logan is signed to The Dandy Warhols’ label Beat The World and is becoming a people person. He celebrates his new album From Pillar To Post with a listening party on Sunday, November 22nd at Jinx Bar with The Dandy’s Zia McCabe spinning records as DJ Rescue, but before the drinks, Logan chats about being emo, hiding under the sheets, and grandma’s adages.”

OMN: Are you emo? What’s wrong with that word? Or is it just right?

LL: Well, that depends. Read the rest of this entry »






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