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Hologram Remix Contest Winner Announced + New FREE Remix E.P. Dance Alone Out Now!

Dance Alone (2013) Logan Lynn Remix EP Hologram

Huge thanks to everyone who submitted tracks to the Hologram remix contest! After MUCH deliberation, along with the help of 4 other judges, we have chosen Hologram (BeeYizz Remix) and DJ Brian Yates as the winner of the $250 cash prize! We will also be releasing an official music video for the song in June, courtesy of Adrian Sotomayor (who directed the original Hologram video).

While everybody’s mix was really special this time around, we have decided to release these 5 mixes in the form of a new Remix E.P. called Dance Alone (releasing 5/7/13).

Logan Lynn - Dance Alone - Remix EP (2013)

Listen and download your FREE copy of the Dance Alone E.P. from Bandcamp now:

Attention DJs, Producers, Bands, and Music Nerds: Enter the Hologram Remix Contest and Win Cash!

Logan Lynn Hologram (2013 Adrian Sotomayor Photography - Logan Lynn Music

We released the video for Hologram (the 2nd single off my new record Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks) a few weeks back and now we are hosting a remix contest for the song with a $250 cash prize and official audio release to 1st place! All runners-up will be released as well in some capacity, be it through an official distributor or via this website.

Hologram was co-written by Los Angeles indie electropop duo Father Tiger. Greg & John (aka Father Tiger) wrote and performed the music, I wrote and performed the words, melodies, and vocals…and we are all looking forward to hearing what you all come up with.

Remix Contest Info

To download the original version, remix stems, and song parts, click HERE.
(Key: D, BPM: 122)

All submissions must be in hi-quality .WAV or .AIFF format. Once your submission is received you will get a confirmation email. All submissions must be sent via YouSendIt or Dropbox to Logan@LoganLynnMusic.com. Please include your name, the name of your remix, your email address, and song info with your submission. Deadline for submission is Wednesday, May 1st, 2013. Contest winner will be announced Tuesday, May 7th, 2013.


Now watch the Hologram video:

Logan Lynn’s “Turn Me Out” Remix EP Released Today! Congratulations to Remix Contest Winners Father Tiger!

We got SO many great entries in the “Turn Me Out” remix contest. It was really hard to pick a winner, but in the end Los Angeles electropop outfit Father Tiger won the top slot. Congrats, boys! We all love, love, LOVE what you did with the track. To celebrate, we released the “Turn Me Out” Remix EP today with their mix and our 4 favorite runners up! Listen and purchase via the cover below.

Logan Lynn Turn Me Out Remix EP

1. Turn Me Out (Father Tiger Remix)
2. Turn Me Out (E39 NYC Club Edit)
3. Turn Me Out (Nicolas S. Remix)
4. Turn Me Out (Joe Burns Remix)
5. Turn Me Out (Modern Remix)

To listen and download the 9 other remix contest entries we think you should hear that didn’t end up on the release, CLICK HERE.

“Turn Me Out” Remix Contest Runners-Up

Here are the 9 entries that didn’t make the final cut for the “Turn Me Out” Remix Contest but that we still thought you should hear!

Turn Me Out – Freak Remix
Turn Me Out – Fran London Remix
Turn Me Out – D1G1T4LPOL Remix
Turn Me Out – Vaccaro Remix
Turn Me Out – Ade Mac Remix
Turn Me Out – Jacivv Remix
Turn Me Out – Joe Burns Versatile Remix
Turn Me Out – Luminous Remix
Turn Me Out – Subliminal Noize Remix
Turn Me Out – Techno Bear Remix

Calling All DJ’s, Bands, Producers and Music Nerds: Logan Lynn’s “Turn Me Out” Remix Contest Now Taking Submissions!

It’s that time again! With the “Turn Me Out” music video approaching (and the full record following closely behind) Davey, Gino and I decided that it would be fun to have a good, old-fashioned remix contest. If you are a DJ, Band, Producer or Music Nerd and would like to have your work showcased on upcoming singles and used all over ye ole internets and in dance clubs promoting this new record we’ve been working on the past two years, here’s your chance!

We are looking for remixes of my new single “Turn Me Out” in all genres. Winners will receive my entire discography (1999-2012) as well as more exposure than you will know what to do with. All submissions must be received by Friday, August 10th (so you have a little over one month to make the magic happen). Please submit your track in hi-quality WAV or AIFF format to Logan@LoganLynnMusic.com. To download all the files and remixable audio stems you’ll need for said magic making, CLICK HERE (for the instruments and vocals) and also HERE (for the dry vocals). All entries, even those which are not chosen as contest winners, will be featured on LoganLynnMusic.com. Additionally, if we choose to officially release your track, you will get 50% of the profit from sales.

I can’t wait to hear what you all come up with!

To listen to “Turn Me Out” free now, click on the single cover below.


Calling all Producers, Bands, DJs & Gearheads: Indie Electro site Dancefloor Mayhem is hosting a remix contest this month for two of the songs off my new record, “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday“! The tracks are “Velocity” and “Quickly As We Pass“. They are also the 1st two singles (and videos we’re in the process of making) from this newbie that was just released digitally as a benefit for Q Center on August 31st, 2010.

Grab the audio stems for remixing HERE (as well as the MP3 originals) for zero dollars. All entries must be received by November 8th, 2010. The winners will be announced on Dancefloor Mayhem on November 15th, 2010. All styles and genres welcome to enter.

2 winners will be chosen for each song. 4 winners total. Prize is as follows:

— Bragging rights + your remix posted on Dancefloor Mayhem & Logan Lynn’s website, YouTube Channel + social networks.

— Signed CD copies of “Logan Lynn” (2006) & “From Pillar To Post” (2009)

— Signed LL T-shirt

— Signed LL Poster

— Digital copies of Logan Lynn’s entire catalog: “GLEE” (2000), “Logan Lynn” (2006), “Feed Me To The Wolves” EP (2007), “From Pillar To Post” (2009), “The Last High” Single (2010), “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” (2010), “Blood In The Water” Remix Record (2010)

I’m really looking forward to hearing what you come up with this time around!!! The last time we had a remix contest I was blown away. FUN.


Logan Lynn (2009)

I’ve been listening to ALL the entries for the “Burning Your Glory” August Remix Contest this evening (DJ Tronic, who runs the “Dancefloor Mayhem” site, sent them all to me earlier) and there is some really incredible stuff here.

Listen to the 3 winners that “Dancefloor Mayhem” picked and check out the post HERE.

We will be featuring picks from the contest on the 4th Volume of my upcoming Remix EP Collection “Blood In The Water”, so…stay tuned! More “Burning Your Glory” Remixes coming right up (along with remixes of the other songs from the new record)!