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Sound///Audio (2009) Logan Lynn


Sound//Audio (aka Mark Right) did a remix of “Feed Me To The Wolves” which is outer-worldly…partially because he took the vocal pad layer (me singing falsetto in what has come to be known around the studio and amongst my collaborators as my “Mickey” voice, which I did almost all the way through my record buried WAY down in the mix) and he turned it into the MAIN vocal. It’s super cool. I am always amazed when someone can turn what in my mind would have been my worst nightmare and make my jaw drop. That happened with this one.

It is hard to turn a song like “Wolves” into anything other than a new variation of what it has already been, but the “Sound////Audio” version is incredible in this new, totally freaky awesome way. I love this one. Listen HERE.

For more information on “Sound////Audio” CLICK HERE.


Y-TRON (2009)


Y-Tron is an electronic artist based out of Portland, Oregon. His music relies heavily on vintage synthesizer and drum machine sounds, as well as the extensive use of vocoder and he has a slick little sound going on throughout his work, remixes and otherwise.

I met Bryan Cecil-aka “Y-Tron”-back in the day and now, years later and long-distance, we are working together on a new LL dance record which will be out next year sometime! Interestingly enough, “Y-Tron” also did the music for my cover of “The Dandy Warhols” song “You Were The Last High” which I am going to be releasing next month at some point as a little taste of what’s to come.

Check out his remix of “Write It On My Left Arm” in the music player on this site and bring home Volume 1 today to make it yours forever. For more information on Y-Tron, CLICK HERE.