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New Money – Part 2: History

Here’s another clip of me and Gino Mari chatting about album stuff while songs and remixes from New Money play in the background.

This second video is about how we met and also tour disasters.

🎵 Logan Lynn – Rich and Beautiful (Xiu Xiu Remix)

👔 #GucciEpilogue by Alessandro Michele for Gucci

Pre-order New Money on vinyl, CD, and digital now from Kill Rock Stars at www.LoganLynn.gay

Xiu Xiu’s “Rich and Beautiful” remix is out today on Kill Rock Stars!

Stream, download, watch, and dance it off now.


Always on my phone, drinking iced coffee. Good morning to homosexuals only.

Xiu Xiu’s remix of “Rich and Beautiful” is out tomorrow on Kill Rock Stars! 💚❤️


Queer icons and experimental music pioneers Xiu Xiu remixed “Rich and Beautiful” and it’s out on Kill Rock Stars on September 7th!

Pre-save now.

Release week vibes at home.

Thanks to Alessandro Michele and my friends at Gucci and Gucci Portland for helping me celebrate.

Love y’all.💚❤️

Why have something once when you can have it twice?

The new version of Rich and Beautiful came out yesterday and everything has been shiny gay sparkles ever since.

🎥 https://youtu.be/s45GDlEZpWc

🔊 www.LoganLynn.gay

🩸🖼 Kill Rock Stars // Gucci