Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” Video Now Playing on The Naughty Gossip

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From Naughty Gossip: (9/15/18)


Check him out as he goes full-frontal in Logan Lynn‘s recent “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” music video after the NSFW jump!

Watch the full NSFW video here:

Logan Lynn: “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” Director’s Cut (2018) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO from Logan Lynn on Vimeo.

Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” Video on DListed

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Logan Lynn on Hot 107.9’s Celeb Web with Metallica, John Legend, James Franco, Meryl Streep, Jay Mohr and Jennifer Garner

Today’s HOT 107.9 Celeb Web features MetallicaJohn Legend, James Franco, Meryl StreepJay MohrJennifer Garner and yours truly.

NBD. (Translation: OMG!!!!!!!!!)

From Hot 107.9 “The Celeb Web”: (9/11/18)

Our favorite entertainers and celebrities are busy these days.  Good thing they leave nothing back on social media.  Here’s what they’re up to today:

–  Yep – that’s METALLICA drummer LARS ULRICH in a pink turban.  He was at an Indian wedding in San Francisco.

–  JOHN LEGEND made himself “EGOT pancakes“, after winning his first Emmy.

–  JAMES FRANCO might want to do a little ab work.

–  (NC-17)  JAY MOHR stars in the new LOGAN LYNN video, “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” . . . and it starts out with some FULL-FRONTAL NUDITY.  (WARNING:  In this clipyou WILL see male genitalia.)

–  MERYL STREEP and her Heineken Light were a hit at the U.S. Open.

– The studio wanted JENNIFER GARNER to go see her new movie “Peppermint” in a theater with the regular folks.  It was a little weird for her.

Logan Lynn’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” on AceShowBiz Gossip Site

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From AceShowBiz: (9/11/18)

Jay Mohr Goes Naked In Logan Lynn’s ‘Nothing’s Ever Wrong’ Music Video

The ‘Ghost Whisperer’ Actor Is Seen In The Visuals Stripping To His Birthday Suit While Taking A Shower Outdoors.

“Jerry Maguire” star Jay Mohr has bared all for a shower scene in pal Logan Lynn‘s video for new track “Nothing’s Ever Wrong”.

The video, released on YouTube, features Jay in his birthday suit taking an outdoor shower.

“Nothing’s Ever Wrong is one of my favourite songs,” the 48-year-old says in a statement. “Not just on the album; it’s one of my favourite songs ever. There’s something so heartbreaking about it – so much story just off mic… because it needs to be.

“There’s a deeper canyon of emotion just out of reach. What you and I can handle carefully and process; that’s what he shares.”

Mohr adds: “Logan Lynn is a loving artist. He knows he has doors to open that we can’t close, so in Nothing’s Ever Wrong he leaves out everything but what’s there. The big change to the minor chords when he sings ’cause it’s not my life…’ it shook me. I mean driving-and-crying shook me. It’s so beautiful. Indescribably beautiful, but it’s ominous for me… foreboding.

“Like if he goes any further it will break your heart; a door that can never be closed if he opens it.”

The racy new video comes a month after Mohr’s 10-year marriage officially came to an end.

The star moved to end his union to actress Nikki Cox just before Christmas in 2016, five months after he withdrew his initial petition to call it quits.

Mohr and Cox entered a settlement judgement in court on August 14.






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