Last week I sat down with the editor of Portland Newsweekly Just Out (Amanda Schurr) to chat about my announced departure from my current life in Musicworld. A man has his reasons. If you care to know more, pick up a copy or keep reading below. To read the online version CLICK HERE or to download the PDF version of the 2 page ordeal, click the following two links: Page 34Page 35

I love how Just Out never twists my words or calls me fat and ugly. BEST. GAY. PAPER. EVER.

From Just Out: (8/6/2010)

Will Work for Good : Portland pop dynamo Logan Lynn quits music, for now…

Logan Lynn just wants a new hoodie. Sitting outside a North Portland cafe, blue hood yanked over a navy baseball hat, he points to a missing zipper pull—and later, more tellingly, to letters on the hoodie’s front, “F-R-E-D.”

“It just needs to say ‘not what I thought it was gonna be,’” he says, half joking.

It’s been that kind of decade for the Portland musician, who took to his website Thursday, July 29 to announce his self-proclaimed “career suicide,” an indefinite hiatus from the music business. With characteristic candor, Lynn wrote: “As I near the 10-year-anniversary of my debut record,… I have come to some conclusions not only about the journey I’ve been on since then musically and in my personal life, but also the journey I intend to be on moving forward with both.

One thing that is painfully clear to me and everyone who knows me in real life is that I AM MISERABLE. I have been for some time. I’m sick of being broke, mismanaged, overworked, screwed over by the folks who are supposed to be looking out for me … you know, all the hits.”

A few days later over iced coffee, Lynn pulls even fewer punches, with himself and others. “The more time I have to think it over, the more comfortable I am with the whole idea,” he says, in what begins a conversation about demons, downloads and the decision to withdraw from what he admits is an enviable, even courted spotlight—at least from the outside.

“I’m sure there’s at least a thousand bands in this town that I know that would be like, ‘Dude, you’re super blowing it. I have no idea what you’re talking about,’” concedes Lynn, fresh off a Read the rest of this entry »


It’s been really touching this week since announcing my upcoming hiatus to see how many people, venues, record stores and press outlets have felt that my taking a break from the stage is newsworthy (Just Out, Willamette Week, KZME FM Radio & Oregon Music News to name a few). Makes a boy feel really loved during a rather slippery, uneasy time, so…thanks for that.

In addition to the announcement of my change of plans last week on their site which you can read HERE, OMN (Oregon Music News) picked up on my swan song today and has it featured in a story titled “Logan Lynn Releases Final Album Via YouTube“. Click HERE to redirect or keep reading below.

From Oregon Music News: (8/3/2010)

“While Logan Lynn may have decided to call it quits last week, he’s at least also decided that “The last hoorah may as well have a soundtrack, right?”

Releasing his final album as YouTube playlist, “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” features lyrics and vocals from Lynn with music and programming by Bryan Cecil. The album is Read the rest of this entry »


After this coming weekend’s show at Flipside Nightclub for Salem Pride there is just one more chance to catch me live before I go on extended hiatus! The last hoorah will be going down in Portland at Mississippi Studios on Friday, August 20th at 9pm. I’ll be performing with The Gentry and Portland superstars Matrimony and DJ Girlfriends are also on the bill. Because of the special nature of the evening, KZME Radio will be filming, recording the audio, and broadcasting the event so…wear your best rock video outfits!


There will be much dancing…only on this last special night we will dance the dance of many magical years together one more time before I bid you farewell and step away from the bright lights and loud noise for a few years. Please come so I can thank you for the past 10 years of love in person.

Tickets are on sale now. CLICK HERE to get yours. RSVP to the Facebook Event Page HERE.


Hey everybody. As I near the 10 year anniversary of my debut record, “GLEE” (which was originally released in October of 2000) I’ve been thinking a lot about all the years from there to here. I have come to some conclusions not only about the journey I’ve been on since then musically and in my personal life, but also the journey I intend to be on moving forward with both.

One thing that is painfully clear to me and everyone who knows me in real life is that I AM MISERABLE. I have been for some time. I’m sick of being broke, mismanaged, overworked, screwed over by the folks who are supposed to be looking out for me…you know, all the hits. Ever since I overcame my paralyzing stage fright, playing shows has been great and I’ve had a wonderful time on tour this Summer with The Gentry but the abnormalities that come along with being a working musician in the digital era without the proper, traditional support of a label are too much for me to just keep absorbing. I can’t be gone all the time like this. I don’t want to spend my life on the road with strangers in bars and hotel rooms. It’s not healthy. I’m homesick for a home that does not exist because I have been too busy to create it for myself, no other reason. I need something real in my life. I can no longer pretend that things are going to suddenly feel better like magic when I know that they are not. These things I’m putting all my energy into obtaining are not making me happy. They are not ever going to because fame and money and attention is not what I want anymore. It’s time that I take control of my own happiness, something I have been dreading and avoiding for years now because of the terrible consequences and pressures attached to doing so. I am finally brave enough and there is just no stopping me. My humanity is in need of repair. These are someone else’s dreams I’m killing myself to fulfill. It is time for me to chase the light to happiness, not acceptance by the masses.

I am going to take some time completely off far away from the business of being myself professionally, then we’ll see where life has led me. These final shows next month with The Gentry in Salem, on August 6th & in Portland on the 20th are going to be the last shows I play for at least a year or two so I hope you can make it. They are going to be very special nights. Please, PLEASE come to the final show at Mississippi Studios on Friday, August 20th and wish me farewell on my new journey.

I don’t know what I am going to be doing from here but I fulfilled my contract with Beat The World (so I know what I’m not going to be doing, which is a very clear start…or finish, as it were). I am Free, an unsigned independent artist once again, not bound to any contracts, people or associations. I find myself in a moment where I can do one of two things; and I gotta choose the peaceful road, you guys. Think I’m gonna go help people for awhile, do something that actually matters—that isn’t so self-serving and based in phony, superficial publicity opportunities. I am leaving the door open for me to change my mind later on so I’m not saying I’m done forever by any means but it honestly does feel that way at the moment. I just finished that new record with Bryan Cecil and have been leaking the demos all week, freeing myself of the rules and regulations that come with being a brand instead of just some stoner dude who makes funny sounding synthpop songs about death and darkness on his keyboard. If another label comes along and picks me up to release it I’d Read the rest of this entry »


A few seriously mismanaged, mind-blowing venue/booking-related disasters aside, this was a really good night. Maybe my favorite group of wild dancing people from the whole tour so far and DEFINITELY my favorite bands to share the stage with; both The Gentry and The Hugs owned that room! There are a couple of angles I could work with this story but I have chosen to completely omit the really dumb, soul-crushing part about the dickholes running promotions at Rockit Room and only tell you about the wonderful part…for now.

(Insert evil laughter here.)

So with that being said, the story goes like this: I love you, San Francisco. Special thanks to Andrew Rodriguez who had read on Facebook earlier that week that my computer had died and proceeded to come up to me at the merch booth after dancing in the front row the whole night at our show and gave me a computer bag with a Mac Powerbook and all sorts of goodies inside. Like…out of the kindness of his heart!!! Can you believe that? He seriously deserves some sort of award. Also, serious props to Alex Jon Earl for being the most dedicated fanboy in the entire universe, following us all over the place this Summer, from Washington to California!!! I’m really glad I got the chance to meet you guys in person this Summer. Thanks for being prime examples of why I got into this whole musical mess in the first place.


Now watch some clips and pretend you are the tripod, sitting on the right side of the stage, so close you could punch any of us in the dick if you wanted to. Oh, and come see one of the remaining dates on our Summer Tour! Still up: Salem, Oregon at Flipside Nightclub for Salem Pride on August 6th & Portland, Oregon at Mississippi Studios on August 20th. Show info in the Events section of this site!

Logan Lynn & The Gentry performing “Fall Into New Arms” LIVE at Rockit Room in San Francisco (2010).

Logan Lynn & The Gentry performing “Feed Me To The Wolves” LIVE at Rockit Room in San Francisco (2010).