// NEW MONEY \\ 1.27.22 // Kill Rock Stars \\


2 more days.


Am I not your pop girl?

Put this up your butt and call me in the morning:


💰Kill Rock Stars // #PDXmusic

A man with a purse always has gum.

📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021 // #Gucci #TiffanyAndCo

I dragged my plunging neckline into downtown Portland today for a fitting and got whistled at by a man in a parrot t-shirt.

10/10 would recommend.

#GucciBeloved, Gucci // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021

Partially dressed still counts as dressed and Tiffany pearls are an acceptable undershirt, right?

Been a while since I left the house.

#GucciEpilogue, Gucci // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021

Last day mixing and mastering this new record! Biggest forever thanks to Gino Mari at The Country Club Studios for building this plane with me and to Stephan Hawkes at The Breakroom Studios for helping us land it. And yes, I am still refusing to take my sunglasses off indoors. It’s not a medical condition. I’m a dick. 🖤

#Gucci // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021