LOGAN LYNN // NEW MONEY \\ 1.21.22



My new video “Quickly As We Pass” premiers in the UK this week and GT Magazine (the UK’s largest glossy GLBT Magazine) had some lovely stuff to say about me (and the video) today!

To redirect to their site to watch the video, click the current issue cover below or scroll just below that for the complete transcript…

From GT Magazine (3/21/2011):

“Logan Lynn’s music rides a bright green fixie bike through the same non-prescription specs and skinny jeans hipster soundscape as the likes of Death Cab For Cutie and Owl City; Except he’s not as whinily self-deprecating as Death Cab, and not as much of a twat as that guy from Owl City. Relaxed synths and deliciously soothing vocals bring to mind perhaps a laid back bar in Amsterdam that’s too cool to have a name but has an artsy clientele who wear their hair in dreadlocks and pretend they’re too poor for the designer clothes on their backs.

We want to say Logan Lynn’s music falls under the “chill” genre, but we’re not from the sixties or wearing tie-dye. Instead, suffice to say it slots into a new and inventive sub-category of electronica. Maybe we can come up with our own name for it. Suburb Chic? Ironic Synth? Aural Candourocity? Actually we don’t know, we’re just saying words now to be honest.

Either way the lovely gay synthmaster Mr Lynn is so fond of us here at GT we’ve been blessed with the honour of being the first to broadcast the video for his new single, Quickly As We Pass. In fact it’s the world premiere. We get a little thrill from saying that, we feel like we should get that man who announces The X Factor contestants to read it out for us. Anyway the video features a cityscape populated by a charismatic collection of cardboard cut-outs. They position themselves in various compromising scenarios, much to the confusion of bemused pedestrians and we love it, we think it’s somewhere between a mobile phone commercial and a Banksy art film. In a good way, obviously.

And with MTV and Logo already interested it’s set to be a big ‘un, so braid you hair, take a cycle ride to your nearest too-cool-for-school bar, sit back with your organic cocktail, and enjoy.”







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