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Radio Legend Alan Cross Features Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr’s “My Movie Star” Film This Week on ‘A Journal of Musical Things’

Thanks to music writer and Canadian radio legend Alan Cross for featuring the My Movie Star featurette I made with Jay MohrGlasysKevin Forrest and others today on A Journal of Musical Things!

‪Check out this week’s Thursday Timesuck HERE or keep reading for the transcript below.

From A Journal of Musical Things: (4/26/18)

Thursday timesuck: A short musical film featuring actor/comedian Jay Mohr

“Jay Mohr is best known as an actor, comedian and radio host as well as a podcaster. He’s teamed up musician Logan Lynn to create this short film called My Movie Star, which takes us through the fakery and crap that comes with being famous in Hollywood.

This project will also come with a double album this fall, which will include a collaboration with the Dandy Warhols. Give it a watch.”


Tune in for Logan Lynn on “Official Music Presents” in Colombia This Sunday, August 31st

Logan Lynn Live in Portland (2013)

Apparently there are posters of me with no pants on hanging up all over Colombia, advertising my appearance on “Official Music Presents” this Sunday, August 31st, at 7pm (Colombian time).

Those of you not living in Colombia will be able to listen in live via a partnership between Mixlr and Erase Una Vez La Musique at THIS LINK. If you miss the live broadcast, my interview will be available for streaming beginning Monday, September 1st at THIS LINK.

Here’s that poster I was mentioning, as well:

Logan Lynn Poster

Watch Logan Lynn Music Videos on MTV UK!

Photo by Adrian Sotomayor Photography - Live in Seattle (2013)

MTV UK put a bunch of my videos into rotation this week! For those of you not living in the United Kingdom, you can watch them HERE.

Thanks MTV. You know I love you.


Logan Lynn Featured In Mondo Sonoro Magazine (Spain) This Week


Lots of love from overseas lately!  After profiling my upcoming summer tour this past March, I’m once again in print next month in Mondo Sonoro Magazine (the Rolling Stone of Spain) and Fantastic Plastic Magazine (also from Spain). This past week Mondo Sonoro also started giving away my new Remix E.P. “Dance Alone” free on their website, which you can check out HERE.

Looks like we’ll be coming across the pond soon at this rate.



Logan Lynn: Marriage Discrimination 2012 – Smells Like Freedom

(Originally published on The Huffington Post on 2/2/2012)

As you probably have heard, the Washington State Senate passed a marriage equality bill Wednesday night, clearing the way for a vote in the House, which looks poised to legalize unions for same-sex couples throughout the state. This means that if I walk out of my house in Portland, Ore. and drive across the I-5 bridge to Vancouver, Wash. (less than five miles away from my front door), I am now considered equal to my heterosexual counterparts and can legally marry the man I love, but once I drive back over that bridge to my house in the state I pay taxes to, I become a second-class citizen once again and cannot.

Well, fuck that, Oregon — and fuck that, America! How can people hate me and my love so much? All my life I have just wanted to be myself. I have wished for others to respect me as a human being in return for respecting them, but instead, I have been made to feel like something less than by my country, by my fellow man and, once again, just moments ago, by my home state.

I smell freedom across the I-5 bridge to Washington, and I want it. I deserve it. I am thrilled for my brothers and sisters in our neighboring state, but being able to see equality now just over the river has added insult to injury. Equality is mine to have as a citizen of this country and is, quite frankly, no one else’s to give. Marriage discrimination, as with any form of discrimination, is truly a cancer on our society. It destroys everything we work so hard to protect, and it weakens us. It strips away our freedom and is just plain un-American.

We are entering into a political vortex this year, with campaigns and agendas flying by every which way. I encourage you to stay focused on equality. Keep fighting to be yourself. Demand respect as a human being, and in return, respect others. Do not let your country make you feel less than any longer, because you are not. You are exactly who you are supposed to be, and don’t let the state of Oregon or any other bigots who “aren’t ready” for marriage equality tell you otherwise.

This is your country, and your love is just as beautiful as anyone else’s love. The end.

We are going to win this. All of us. Any day now…

To get involved in the LGBT community where you live, click here. Change starts with you.


Logan Lynn (2009)

Today the “Imaginary Trip Sounds” Indie Music Blog from Portugal posted their “Top 25 Records of 2009” and my new record “From Pillar To Post” made the list. (Proof that bummed-out pop music knows no bounds, people).

You can check it out in Portugese HERE, or there’s a translation just below for the rest of you.

From “Imaginary Trip Sounds” (12/30/2009):

-BEST OF 2009-

“Another year ending and a more personal selection of what was the best of 2009. Within the genus of electronics, I leave here 25 albums that I have been involved in these days of the year. In the calm, in anger, anger, joy, the instability and stability, fragility and strength. I leave them here just by following the alphabetical order.”

AndrRomak – Beauty is but skin deep
Arms and Sleepers – Matador
Between The Now – The colours and hues
Brothersister – The wunder tales
Cinnamon Chasers – A million miles from home
David Kitt – The nightsaver
Doctor Flake – Minder surprises
Flunk – This is what you get
Golden parazyth – All the truth about blue monkeys
Healamonster & Tarsier – Cupcake basement
Ido – OrthIDOxy
Info – We choose the moon
JJ – JJ no. 2
Logan Lynn – From pillar to post
Metùo – Toy shop
Papercutz – Lylac
Parov Stelar – Coco
Pupkulies and Rebecca – Burning boats
Röyksopp – Junior
Terry Callier – Hidden conversations
The 39 Steps – Coming clean
Tosca – No Hassle
Ugress – Reminiscience
Worm Is Green – Glow
Zwicker – Songs of lucid dreamers


Logan Lynn (2009)

Hey guys! It’s been a minute since I gave away a FREE SONG so I figured now’s as good a time as any. Click on the widget below to download Styrofoam’s remix of my song “Bleed Him Out” from Volume 3 of my Remix EP Collection, “Blood In The Water” for ZERO dollars waaaaay before the rest of the world gets it when it’s released next year.

Styrofoam (2009)

I’ve said it before, but Styrofoam is one of my all time favorites. I first heard him when someone bought me a CD of his called “I’m What’s There To Show Something’s Missing” in 2003 (which you can get on iTunes HERE) and I have followed him closely ever since. He’s been a huge inspiration to me throughout the years and I’m still pissing my pants every time I think about how awesome it is that he came on board for the project, digs my record, etc. He’s, like…the fucking Godfather of my genre and his stamping “cool” on my record has made me all smiles for years to come.

If you haven’t heard Styrofoam, you are WAY behind. Get with the program on his Myspace page HERE and download “Bleed Him Out (Styrofoam Remix)” now just below—>

P.S. (When you are done getting your free song, watch Styrofoam’s video “After Sunset” HERE. It’s super good…)